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Vishing Scams

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Sterling Bank & Trust, FSB
Published on
April 10, 2024
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Stay Alert: Vishing Scams Are Targeting You Now

Vishing, or voice phishing, is a current and sophisticated scamming technique where fraudsters call you to steal sensitive information or money.

Watch for These Red Flags:

  • Immediate Demands for Personal Information: If someone calls you, claiming to be from a trusted organization and asks for your personal details like passwords, Social Security numbers, or banking information, be wary. Genuine organizations do not ask for this information over the phone.
  • Use of Threats or Intimidation: Scammers often intimidate you with threats of legal action or claims that your accounts are at risk to pressure you into giving up information.
  • Offers That Seem Unreal: Unsolicited calls that present you with prizes, discounts, or deals that sound too good to be true are often baits used by scammers to capture your interest and personal details.
  • Requests for Remote Access: You should never allow remote access to your computer or other devices to someone who contacts you out of the blue. Legitimate companies do not operate by requesting remote access this way.
  • Caller ID Spoofing: Scammers have the ability to make it look like they are calling from a trusted source. If the caller's request seems suspicious, even if the number looks familiar, it's a sign to proceed with caution.
  • Pressure to Act Immediately: Creating a sense of urgency is a common tactic to prevent you from thinking critically about their motives. If you feel rushed to provide information or make a decision, it's time to pause and verify the caller's legitimacy.

How to Protect Yourself:

If you encounter any of these warning signs, stay alert and protect yourself. Hang up if you suspect a vishing attempt, and never share sensitive information over the phone unless you are absolutely sure of the recipient's identity.

If you think you've been a target of a vishing scam, report it immediately

  • Contact your financial institutions immediately and examine your accounts.
  • Place a security freeze on your credit report.
  • Change your passwords, especially for more sensitive accounts.
  • Report any attempted scams to the FTC and FBI.

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