Online Security

Fraud Protection

Recognizing and reporting suspicious, fraudulent activities quickly can minimize your financial loss. Here are the top four ways to help you detect fraud.

  1. Review your accounts regularly using Online Banking. The sooner fraud is detected, the lower the impact. With Online Banking, you have time on your side because you can view your account daily, and immediately notice any irregularities. You can also set up email alerts that notify you when your account hits certain levels. Online Banking also removes the additional risk of mail fraud.
  2. Monitor your credit report annually. Look for any new accounts that may be opened that are not yours and alert the credit bureau with any suspicious information.
  3. Be alert for any irregularities. Did you not receive a bill or statement? Are there unexpected charges on any of your accounts, or charges from unknown vendors? Are there posted checks that are out of sequence? Have you been denied credit for reasons that don't match your financial profile? Are you getting calls from creditors of debt collectors about bills you know nothing about? When you see something unusual, check it out.
  4. Stay current with the latest fraudulent activities - online and off.